What sort of paper should I use for these models?
You can use normal paper, although it probably isnt the best thing to use. Cardstock (thin card) is better, but thick paper is also ok.

How do you make the models with textures?
Simple. I download a model of the building from Google Sketchup. After calculating how big the model will be (remember, my scale is 143ft to 1 inch, with 3.28ft to 1m) I lay out the outline in MS paint. I then copy this outline into Paint.net, very good free image editing software. I then take screenshots of the sketchup model and resize the textured side so that it fits into the outline done in MS Paint. I then repeat the process, unless I'm doing a model of a box syscraper, in which case I just copy that one side four times, do the top and add tabs.

How do I download the models?
Easy, just click on the image and the full size image will pop up on screen, right click and select 'print image'. It may be slightly different depensing on your browser or OS, but if you really can't get it to print, copy the image into MS paint, or any other basic image editing program, and print it from there. Click on the image again to close the pop up thing.
Apple users with a one button mouse might have to click and hold, or whatever it is you usually have to do. If you can't get it to work, buy a real computer.

Are the models to scale?
All of the models on this site except 1 and 25 Canada Square are scaled at 143ft to 1 inch, up and across.

Can you make me a custom model?

What models are you working on now?
I never really set out to do a specific model. Most of the time I make models I've run out of things to do, have picked a random building and made it. If I make any more models (which I probably will) I'll post them here.