PaperScraper - Build Your Own Skyscrapers

PaperScraper (catachy name, eh) is the worlds third largest skyscraper paper model website. The scale (and quality) of the models on this site varies, however all except the Citigroup tower and 1 Canada Square (which are both a bit crap, really) are 143ft to 1 inch, the same scale used on, which is generally accepted to be the best site on the net for paper skyscraper models.


20/08/08 - Finally done 6-8 Bishopsgate. I think I'm beginning to run out of notable British highrises to model. I'm sure I'll find some more to do though, and if neccesary I can always remodel 1 and 25 Canada Square.
By the way, excuse me if I don't update for a few days. I'm currently modelling Tower 42, which is proving to be difficult. It will be ace when its done though.